How to Install and Uninstall Software Safely: Your Easy Guide to Safe Program Management

How to Install and Uninstall Software Safely

Installing new software on your computer can be exciting—it unlocks new functionality and enhances your computing experience. However, with the multitude of applications available, it’s vital to ensure you’re adding and removing these programs in a way that doesn’t compromise your system’s health. Uninstalling software you no longer need is just as important as installing … Read more

4.5 Million Times Faster Internet: World Record Speeds

4.5 Million Times Faster Internet

Here is some exciting news I read today. Researchers have set a new world record for internet speed that is 4.5 million times faster than the average broadband. An international team that included scientists from Aston University in Birmingham, UK set the new record of 301 terabits per second – the equivalent of 9,000 HD films – … Read more

Upgrading Your Computer: Tips for an Easy Transition

Upgrading your computer

Computers have become a major part of our daily lives. They’re not just used for work, but also for entertainment, communication, and personal use. You might notice it’s time for an upgrade when your machine takes longer to boot up, struggles to run the latest software, or can’t keep pace with your growing media library. … Read more

Decoding Computer Jargon: Binary


There is so much computer lingo thrown around, that it seems like a foreign language. Most people find it overwhelming, as did I, and just quit. Thankfully I didn’t quit. I found that once you get the basics, it is quite simple. When I started in the tech industry, almost 25 years ago, I felt … Read more

New Motherboard Computer Turns On and Off: The Mysterious Case of the Power Cycle Prankster

New Motherboard Computer Turns On and Off

So, you’ve just played tech wizard and pieced together your brand-new PC. You hit the power button and voilà—lights on, fans whirring… and then it’s lights out. Talk about a short-lived victory dance, right? There you are, standing in the glow of your screen, now dark as your suddenly cynical soul, wondering if your motherboard … Read more