4.5 Million Times Faster Internet: World Record Speeds

Here is some exciting news I read today.

Researchers have set a new world record for internet speed that is 4.5 million times faster than the average broadband.

An international team that included scientists from Aston University in Birmingham, UK set the new record of 301 terabits per second – the equivalent of 9,000 HD films – using a standard optical fiber.

At this speed, it would take just one minute to download every single movie listed on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

4.5 Million Times Faster Internet

The record-breaking data transmission rate was achieved by developing a new optical processing device that opened up new wavelength bands that have not been previously used in fiber optic systems.

“Broadly speaking, data was sent via an optical fiber like a home or office internet connection,” said Dr Ian Phillips from Aston University’s School of Computer Science and Digital Technologies.

This is incredible news for everyone.

Faster internet speeds, the environment, the roadways, residents, and businesses. Think about it.

If they are using this technology on existing fiber optics already in the ground, they won’t have to dig up the roads or the sidewalk. To me, this is groundbreaking.

Just one thing I’m concerned about, the cost…

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